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TV advertising on the Belarussian TV

The advertising agency of the broadcasting company "Svoy Krug" advertises on the air of all TV-channels broadcast to Belarus

  • General features
  • ONT channel
  • RTR channel
  • NTV channel
  • BT channel
  • LAD channel
  • STV channel
  • M1 channel
  • Cable channels
  • Kosmos TV

  • TV advertising in Belarus can be placed on seven public TV-channels, local cable ones and on the satellite channel "Kosmos TV".

    There are a lot of specific features and requirements In Belarus: each TV-channel holds its own, and there are general ones appropriate to all TV-channels exerting strong influence on advertising time cost.

    You should take into account the following general rules:

    - There is a rule of single business environment for all market participants, and all advertising agencies have absolutely equal conditions for airing TV-commercials. It means, that a discount allowed to a specific promoted brand does not depend on total budget amount of advertising agency or its image, and it is calculated conforming to channels tariffs. If any advertising agency accords you a discount for a specific brand and budget, any other agency is apt to give precisely the same discount under the same conditions.

    - TV-channels do not provide advertisers with discounts allowed to advertising agencies, in case an advertiser appeals to a TV-channel directly.

    - Advertising agencies have no right to share their discounts with advertisers under threat of canceling the contract with TV-channels and other penal sanctions.

    - There is a large difference in discounts for Belarussian and all other advertisers.

    - The system of cumulative discounts is used for all foreign brands during the natural business year.

    - You are not supposed to increase discounts by combining in your order different brands even if all of them are promoted by the same advertiser. To combine budgets is possible only for the goods manufacturer.

    - It is impossible to fix advertising time price, even in case of an advance payment. Tariffs change should require recalculation.

    - TV-projects sponsorship (or representation on behalf of an advertiser) costs 40-50 % more expensive, than usual advertising time.

    - All channels might have a slight difference in prices for certain programs weekly.

    The ONT channel blocks the Russian ORT channel, and, mainly, it airs ORT programs. Forming its own broadcasting network, ONT can delay these programs for another time. Besides, ONT produces news programs, talk-show, analytical and one-off author's projects. This channel strongly takes a leading place of the media-market thanks to the highest ratings. It covers 98 % of the Belarussian territory and advertising cost remains the highest among all other TV-channels. The ONT channel site is and you can get acquainted with news, projects and television program schedule there.

    Advertising prices of the ONT channel

    The RTR channel is broadcast completely without changes, except advertising blocks. It has the second popularity rating of advertising volumes nationwide and the one of advertising time cost which is twice as low on the average as compared with the ONT channel. Local television centers can replace a number of RTR programs with theirs in some Belarussian regions, but it is not widespread on the whole country. RTR covers 58 % of the Belarussian territory comprising all largest cities.

    Advertising prices of the RTR channel

    The NTV channel is transmitted in the same way as RTR completely without changes except advertising blocks and sign-off after midnight. It covers 44% of the country's territory including all large cities. This channel advertising cost is 4 times as low on the average as in relation to ONT and twice as in relation to RTR and has one of the best indicators of price-rating ratio.

    Advertising prices of the NTV channel

    The BT channel is the first national public TV-channel. It is stuffed with official information, hourly news and sports programs. All the channel broadcast lays on producing its own programs, airing license films and serials. It covers 99 % of the territory of Belarus. BT rating in Minsk is low enough, but the easy access makes it much above on a national scale. BT embodies the image of the channel for people, first of all for the countryside, officials as it has always been committed to issuing the official point of view. BT advertising cost is similar to the one of NTV, moreover, this channel offers an opportunity of making custom-made or sponsored sponsor's TV-programs and advertising-publicity plots. The BT channel site is - You are supposed to glance at all necessary information related to the BT and Lad channels, and also about the Belarussian radio stations, members of the Public Broadcasting company.

    Advertising prices of the BT channel

    The Lad channel is the third national public TV-channel. Its broadcast objective is producing own TV-product with license serials and TV-programs. The channel was conceived as family and quiet one, emphasizing on arts programs denying aggressive and violent materials. Its air is full of soap operas, child-enticing TV-programs, cartoon films and popular scientific surveys. Extending to 77 % of the country's territory, the Lad channel is the youngest of all Belarussian TV-channels as it started broadcasting in the middle of October 2003. Therefore exact sociological researches on it lack at this moment The decided advantage of Lad is to advertise on all covered territory as well as only on a tangible area.

    Advertising prices of the LAD channel

    The STV channel blocks the Russian Ren TV channel. STV provides an opportunity to insert its own programs and to replace advertising blocks using the Ren TV network. The channel has well organized news service and topic-related TV-programs, for instance, "Autopanorama", "the Virtual world", "Show-industry" and so forth. The STV channel covers only the Minsk region territory, but it intends to enlarge the coverage zone. The price/rating ratio on STV is favorable enough, but only for Minsk and not in all time intervals, besides this channel holds the most ineffective advertising service organization, frequent failures and delays in document circulation. STV ratings in Minsk are equal to the ones of BT with the advertising time price thrice as low as compared with BT. Custom-made or sponsor's TV-programs and advertising-publicity plots on STV, as well as on BT, are possible.

    Advertising prices of the STV channel

    The M1 channel is a music one broadcasting a number of video clips non-stop alternating and repeating every day. Practically lacking own programs it provides an opportunity of producing them through a specific sponsor's order. The M1 channel airs only in Minsk and covers about 65 % of the city or about 450000 apartments. The channel ratings are very low according to official statistics though our attitude surveys illustrate they are higher. It is conditioned by its frequent usage as a background, for example, when a company sitting at a table does not want to be bothered by viewing any films, and just needs some music and something on the screen. Furthermore, as M1 lacks TV-programs, interrogated viewers cannot name, what they precisely have watched and when. Don't forget about a plenty of TV sets at a wide range of Minsk bars-restaurants where it goes on non-stop and relays through the system "Kosmos TV". The channel targets mainly to youth. According to the feedback from advertisers who have placed their ads there, the efficiency is fruitful in spite of low general ratings, and, in some cases, is quite satisfying. M1, the only one of all TV-channels, inserts a running line and an advertising banner. We usually suggest it as an auxiliary one in addition to the other mediums.

    Advertising prices of the M1 channel

    There exist local cable channels practically in all regional and district centers of Belarus. Mainly, their broadcast lays on non-licensed video films, local news and simple low-budget TV-programs, for instance, "congratulate your friend" and "our dear boss". The only thing uniting them is the aim to take from an occasional advertiser as much money as possible, often in the amount comparable to nationwide TV-channels. None of them has steady tariffs and distinct advertising policy. Besides, these channels lack sociological researches that keep from carrying out proficient media planning. We do not suggest advertising on all these "family circle" channels, but if you have decided to advertise on them, every specific case involves individual attitude...

    The "Kosmos TV" satellite channel broadcasts only to the city of Minsk. Its main activity embraces direct reception of TV-programs from different satellites and their relay through minitype paraboloid satellite communication antennas taken on loan by subscribers to their broadcast. "Kosmos TV" offers a number of TV-programs packages of various quantity (from 15 up to 40 channels) with monthly payment. This kind of broadcast audience of users is very small and makes up about 45000 apartments. Though, it is necessary to note, the users are not the poorest part of the population, as they pay for an opportunity to watch a lot of TV-programs monthly. It is provided to replace advertising blocks only on two Russian channels (NTV and ORT) in the field of advertising. Nobody has ever studied the channel advertising efficiency by carrying out sociological researches. When interested to advertise on this channel, the individual approach is required in every specific case as well as with cable channels.

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