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 About us

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When we are asked what we have realized or realize on TV, we usually answer: EVERYTHING you have ever seen in your life there.

The broadcasting company "Svoy Krug" exists since 1992. This is the oldest private broadcasting company in Belarus. Our team consists of high-skilled specialists. Diplomas and prizes at various national and foreign festivals have many times marked our works. Of course, as the overwhelming majority we experienced rises and falling, success and failures. But thanks to the gained value experience of these years we cope with any difficult problems today. We are able to solve practically any question in the main areas of our activity.

All technical opportunities of the broadcasting company "Svoy Krug" are just obedient tool in our talented staff hands. We represent an ideal variant for cooperation: we think out ideas and we bring them into life!

 Our Team
Vlad Murashkevich
Denis Murashkevich
Dmitry Krasny
Vladimir Fedorenko
Tatjana Nasertdinova
Anatoly Mikishov
Eugene Elkind
Sergey Novikov
Oleg Nesterov
George Korolenok
Andrew Grebenkin
Galina Novikovskaya
Sergey Zhukovsky
Denis Kravcov
Alena Mishuk

Kseniya Volkova
Sergey Vasilevich
Alexandr Keshishian
Tamara Lisitskaya
Igor Kuzavka
Dmitry Kozyrenko
Alexandr Kupriyanov
Michael Tumelya
Sergey Kabanov
Renata Aismont
Marija Bessonova
Maksim Golovachev
Elena Kurlovich
Elena Vyazkova
Oleg Bodov

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