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Opportunities to take part in the organized PR-actions and projects

We carry out and organize a wide range of actions, projects on a constant basis in which you can take part. The degree of participation and the ways of cooperation may vary. They are stipulated depending on set purposes and budget amount.

The Euroleague of KVN is a member of the international association of KVN and is held in Minsk since 1998. Not few than 17 games take place as well as the festival and a number of final performance during the year. All games are broadcast on the public TV-channel BT (not few than 22 programs a year) and have a good rating of audience. Besides, a plenty of announcements is placed on radio and in press to every game, various outdoor and underground advertising is applied, polygraphic and souvenir production is issued. A short-term participation and a long-term cooperation are provided in the field of PR. So, for instance, any separate competition or all game should be held in the name of a concrete trademark within a single participation. Therefore, the teams are given a task to joke, to sing and play short funny episodes in a context of the given problem, and all advertising announcing and the TV version are transmitted in the name of the same brand. Within a long-term cooperation there is an opportunity to become a member of the Guardian Board of the Club and to obtain maximum advertising and PR support during all the year. That makes a wide and multipart range of services in total. Cost of the services package varies from 3000 up to 15000 , depending on the ways of participation. The Internet-site of the Belarus KVN is -     More info...  

Belarus provides an opportunity of own TV program production or display of custom-made plots / headings within the programs broadcast on the TV air on four TV-channels (BT, Lad, STV and ONT). Each TV-channel has its features and its level of requirements, but, on the whole, all TV-channels give an opportunity of advertising or promoting everything, the main emphasis is laid upon coordination of approaches and possibility to set up information occasions. Because of the difference in the audience scale and ratings the price for such activity is the highest on ONT and is the lowest on STV. Taking for the average prices on BT and Lad, you are to multiply by two these prices for ONT, and to divide approximately by two for STV. An average TV-program, without complex production expenditures, broadcast in the name of a brand costs about 3-4000 monthly. A single TV-project including 3-4 programs - 5-8000 , a plot - 300-700 , a heading in a program 1-2000 monthly. If a material is burning and interesting, it has a great impact on its cost as any TV-channel is unwilling to show nonsense on the TV air, even for money, but it is ready to any help at the same time, if a plot is likely to have a good rating. Our activity makes use of these opportunities regularly: from a simple single plot in the news or specialized headings in topic related programs, up to big projects consisting of whole cycles of TV-programs devoted to any concrete matter or a brand.

Fairly exclusive Belarus idea. This is the most popular youth pastime in Minsk nowadays, a computer quest transferred into real life. The game involves thousands of participants divided into dozens of teams. "Fighting" embraces a mixture of analytical and physical opportunities. Owing to them the participants go through a certain number of stages to get over other teams. The winner will be awarded a monetary prize. Every team has an analytical center, and lightning operations groups. The center surfing the Internet is intended to get assignments and to solve them. The groups are straightforward to carry out these tasks. Every game involves new missions and themes, and the most thrilling games are constantly covered by mass-media. The given game suits in a context of opportunities for advertising and publicity of practically any goods, which are supposed to be both a prize, and a game assignment. We are able to enumerate the following examples: the task to find in a group of people an agent with certain perfume, the one to search mysterious codes on the doors of definite shops, the riddles connected to the names of trademarks and so forth. Advertising and PR in "Fighting" is low in expenses today and should make up 250-300 . Besides, there is a way of developing "Fighting" and its transferring on a national scale which needs sponsorship and partnership. The Internet site of "Fighting" is If you are looking forward to taking advantage of this game to promote your items, write to us and we shall offer you different ways of cooperation.

The project of the "African transcontinental expedition" leads to successful methods of mass promotion of trademarks through large-scaled PR decisions. Producing a special cycle of the TV-programs devoted to travel and extreme sports forms the basis of each such project. Complex advertising campaign emphasizes in any such case on broadcasting these programs within prime-time hours, on frequent announcing of these cycles in the name of any trademark on TV, in press, on radio and the Internet. The cycle comes to a wide range of press conferences, actions and other related initiatives, called to draw people's attention to the project. At the same time they contribute to achieve necessary advertising and publicity purposes. Certainly, this way of cooperation is expensive enough, as it results in mass and integrated promotion campaign. But, getting involved in such projects, you brightly stand out from other competitors and this given prominence is hard to reach. Every similar project is individual, created for your special benefit, according to your requirements and costs more than 15000 . You may get acquainted with the examples of such complex campaigns in our archives, and, if interested, contact us to find possible ways of participation in the forthcoming projects.

During the year dozens of concerts of national and foreign singers, sport competitions, beauty competitions, specialized parties and other shows take place in Belarus. Any such event may be used for PR and advertising goals on a short or long-term basis. We provide you with simple granting of prizes in topic-related actions, and their full presentation from any brand name. The majority of such events gathers a plenty of participants and has heavy mass-media coverage. For that reason taking part in them makes possible integrated advertising and PR campaigns with broad coverage audience and interaction with target groups. Depending on the degree of participation the cost varies from several hundreds up to thousands . For years of our activity we have carried out short PR-actions where all the customer's expenses were limited to grant an inexpensive prize, and large-scaled actions with state participation and broad mass-media coverage. If your kind of activity or trademark allows the promotion throughout such actions, write to us that we think over the best ways of participation.

There is no point in convincing anybody of business advantages and efficiency of various directories. All of us operate them occasionally and this kind of goods and services promotion enjoys widespread popularity, as we use different business catalogues only when intending to sell or to buy something. There are similar reference systems on the Internet. We want to offer you partnership in the project of International Business Network (IBN) and National Business Networks (NBN) both put into practice by us.   more info...  

The international advertising festival "Golden Wolf" is the one among other advertising festival, which is held annually. Now this festival urgently needs organization partnership and sponsorship. We provide both full presentation of festival on your behalf and a short-term participation. Acquiring all ownership rights to the festival comes up to 10000 , the festival organization on your behalf - 4000-5000 . Moreover, "Golden Wolf" offers a variety of advertising or presentation actions, their participation cost makes up 300-500 . The site of the festival is, and the old archives are to be found on the page If you make your mind up to make use of the given festival as a part of the promotion campaign, we welcome you to discuss possible ways of cooperation.

Other projects

Other projects at all scales are worked out in Belarus on a constant basis. They can be used for PR and advertising goals. As definite trademarks can require specific actions, write to us what kind of project you are interested in. We will find for you the best variants and if nothing meets your requirements, we shall develop the project for your special benefit, according to your aims and interests.

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