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TV-video-film production

We fix approximate price on the production of TV commercials here. Naturally, the prices are unlikely to give exact cost of production expenditures and don't take into account all life circumstances, however they guide you helping to plan your expenditures. The prices include average standard payment conditions and technical expenses. Furthermore, production cost is calculated more precisely only after the final script.

The three basic techniques of television advertising give an impact to its cost: computer graphics, video advertising and film advertising

Computer graphics (including animation) holds two levels of complexity, which the production price depends on:

- Computer graphics 2D or "computer caption card": this is a still or action picture, executed in two measured graphics reminding of polygraphic layout. Any titles may appear or disappear, blink, photos or figures alternate with each other, credits, music and off screen text are applied. Such stills are made, as a rule, from ready material, for example, booklet pictures, photos of an item or its drawings. Term of executing an order is from 1 up to 3 days.
Cost of ready work varies within 100-200

- Computer graphics 3D: Objects in such spots are designed on a special occasion, get volume, shadows, reflections and aspire to reality. Computer animation is related to this level of complexity. Term of fulfilling an order is 10-20 days.
Cost of ready work varies within 500-1500

Video advertising - has two basic levels of complexity which the production price depends on:

- Non staged video clips: represent a video series, for instance, shooting from various points of a house under construction, goods on a counter or showing working machine tool with coming out production and, as a rule, have nonfiction character. Term of executing is 1-3 days.
Cost of ready work varies within 500-1000

- Staged video clips: (illustrate goods or service in the game form). This is a dramatic advertising spot with players or well-known linkmen or linkladies, game situations, special filmmaking techniques and so forth. Term of producing is 5-10 days.
Cost of ready work varies within 1500-3000

Film advertising - the most entertainment, but at the same time the most expensive technology. Thanks to the best image quality it's up to the international standards. Moreover, film advertising better than other technologies represents concept of prestige advertising. It frequently involves computer graphics and high complexity special effects, original music and so forth. Term of carrying out is 10-30 days.
Cost of ready work varies within 4000-10000

Presentation (educational, demonstration, image, exhibition, anniversary and so forth) films as well as advertising spots don't have exact cost and their price is likely to be fixed only after discussing the final script. However, for years of making them the average price, regarded as a basis of calculating, has been worked out. When shooting such films in the Betacam SP format, suitable for air screen, the price of one film minute varies from 200 up to 300 , and it includes video shooting, editing, scoring, titles, computer processing, etc.

Music video clips made in Belarus are divided into video and film clips (trailers), and also into low-budget and average-budget ones. Production cost is the following:
- Video clips 1500-2500 for average budget ones
- Film clips or trailers from 5000-7000 for low-budget ones up to 10000-15000 for average budget ones

High-budget music clips are shot rarely in Belarus, and any similar case requires individual calculations.

Only large and financially safe organization is apt to produce its own TV-program as its production expenditures considerably exceed advertising time cost on the TV-air. That's why image approach and publicity objectives embrace the unique core of its making. An average weekly TV-program lasting 15 minutes on the Belorussian air comes to 1000-1500 (in case of long-term financing), one-hour concert or show - 3000-4000 . Today's TV air on BT, Lad, ONT and STV holds a variety of TV-programs of all genres and basic activities. Owing to this we are able to work out, if necessary, a sponsored promotional plot of any subjects. Production and broadcast cost of a 2-5 minutes plot varies from 300 up to 700 (all prices are specified for BT and Lad, they are multiplied for ONT and are divided for STV by 2 approximately)

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