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Internet technologies

At present there are few companies which are unaware of the Internet and are unlikely to have their WEB-server or their own home page. Having the Internet address is an integrant part of any self-respected organization. How to get advantage on the Internet? What to start with? Answers to these and a lot of other questions are to be found if you get in touch with us! You should only write to , give a call to: 375-17-2260900, 2260902, 2260936 or just submit the form



As far as Web-design is concerned, we carry out a wide range of activities for achieving the project purposes: to start with the marketing approach to the technical task, project design, software, necessary promotion of the project on the Internet and to finish with the latest support.

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Marketing consulting is one of the most popular services lately. It is aimed at resolving tasks to promote the resource created by someone. Sometimes an unreasonable technical task or insufficiently perfect realization brings the most successful design to nothing. It doesn't allow taking benefits from the Internet site. We are ready to make a research of your Internet-resource and contribute to increase its use efficiency as well as to optimize and promote it on the Internet.


You may get acquainted with the price-list including costs on web-design, promotion, technical and marketing support. more...  

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