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The International Antarctic expedition 2000

The Belarusian team went to the South Pole for the first time in the history of the country having set flags of the Republic of Belarus, the ones of the broadcasting company "Svoy Krug" there as well as the ones of the vodka Vseslav Charodey and the Junior Chamber International. We celebrated 24 times the Year 2000:

Drabo Vladimir
Radkevich Victor
Hachirashvili Volodya
Sudak Jouri
Remin Andrei
Sheyin Andrei
Byk Igor
Mikhalkovich Alexei
Tukan Nikolai
Mazurkevich Vitaly
Nechaj Alexander
Borisevich Alexander
Murashkevich Denis
Murashkevich Vlad

svoy krug flag patriot hills mountain near 80 parallel tipical antarctic our tracks
our tracks ise fanta general sponsor vodka vseslav charodey new year south pole


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