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The Iguasu Falls

The Iguacu Falls consist of 275 separate waterfalls the first world's greatest volume of simultaneously falling water. To see this miracle you have to fly by a local Brazilian airline plane to the small town of Fos de Iguasu in the continent's center. This is on the border of Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay. There is a place where the Iguacu River flows into the Parana River. Iguacu is translated "much water" and it conforms to the name. A series of huge canyons from the borders of which thousands of tons of thundering water fall at several levels. Spectacular illustration of forces of nature. Path footbridges are placed along the canyon. You can wonder along a wooden walkway for finding yourself in the center of the greatest of the falls, called the Devil's Gorge. You ought to pay for entering the zone of view (but not much - about 10 ). The distance from the city makes up about 7-8 km.

Iguasu Falls Iguasu Falls Iguasu Falls Iguasu Falls Iguasu Falls
Iguasu Falls Iguasu Falls Iguasu Falls Iguasu Falls Iguasu Falls

The town of Fos de Iguasu is small, with picturesque shady streets and the population counting about 100000 persons. Tourism is the core of the town. You find a mixture of hotels, cafes, souvenirs shops and amusement centers. The prices are derisory everywhere and lower than in Rio.

Excursion We suggest visiting (apart from the waterfalls) the Bird Park. All around you big parrots and toucanets are sitting on the trees and in the bushes; different wild animals run across the thicket. They aren't afraid of people for some reason and allow taking pictures with them. Of course, we can't but mention the specialty of the Iguacu Falls: Macuco Safari during which you are taken for a jeep drive across the jungle. Stops are made for explanations of the flora and the fauna. After that you go out in big rubber inflatable boats with powerful motors. You go boating in close proximity to the falls; sometimes you are exposed to their jets, jumping at meter thresholds. The safari costs about 30 , but it's worth paying that, especially, when you rush the roaring wall of water. Romantic girls have an opportunity to touch big tropical butterflies: heat or laziness keep them from flying away and they sit with pleasure on your fingers, flapping wings.

Bird Park Bird Park Bird Park Bird Park Bird Park
cayman deer jaguar quatis tapir

In Fos de Iguacu you can make a visa to Argentina and Paraguay within 2 hours at 30-40 , moreover, the border is situated barely 2 kilometers from the town.

macuco safari macuco safari macuco safari 3 fronteiras 3 fronteiras

As a matter of fact an attempt to portray Brazil is doomed to failure. This country is so bright and out of the ordinary, the carnival so magnificent, that to get impressed you should have to visit it to experience all by yourself. A useful advice to follow: get ready for the trip far in advance, as during the carnival days all flight and hotel prices become exorbitant. And you pay through your nose for all this. Though, what's the matter with money? Once in Brazil, you will forget about it. :)

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